Copper Tube types

Copper Tube comes in different types. There are three major types of the tubes. They are the L, K, M and DWV types. The major difference in the types is the wall thickness of the tubes. The wall thickness also corresponds to the pressure rating. The higher the wall thickness, the higher the pressure rating would be. The M type is the thinnest of all the types. It could be purchased in rigid or flexible forms. It is used in vacuum systems and in water lines. The low cost of the type makes it more preferred for household applications. The K type copper tube has the thickest wall. Due to this, the pressure containment capacity is very high and it could be used in different applications such as oil, gas and other high pressure applications as well.

The L type has medium wall thickness and is mostly used for interior plumbing and fire protection applications. It is also available in flexible and rigid forms. The seamless copper tubing can be produced in any of these types. Also, the DWV type copper tubes have been replaced with the recent alternative materials. The copper tubes also have grades apart from the types. The grades mainly indicate the different copper composition and different mechanical properties. The electric conductivity and the heat conduction are high in pure copper grades. The alloy grades are produced for strength and corrosion resistance properties. The type m copper tube is commonly used for domestic applications and its price is lower compared to other types.

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