Importance of mobile-friendly websites

A majority of Singaporeans are glued to their phones, relying on it to respond to emails, work and even get information, making it crucial for website design Singapore firms to create sites that are mobile-friendly.

Benefits of having a mobile-friendly website:

  1. Google prioritizes such sites over those that are not compatible with smartphones, making it a smarter move for search engine optimization.
  1. People worldwide are using their smartphones regularly to do everything from the most straightforward task to the most complicated. With on the go customers, mobile sites are in high demand.
  1. Mobile users are more likely to return for business because of the ease of access.
  1. It is becoming standard practice as more and more websites have a mobile version. Companies are now expected to have a mobile-friendly website.
  1. The business is seen as modern and relevant, as it automatically targets anyone with a smartphone. It helps build a more significant client base because you are not losing clients because you cant service your clients latest needs.

Your website will always look and feel perfect when your customers visit through mobiles and tablets, as a responsive design lets your mobile respond to a mobile visitor as seamlessly as a traditional website visitor.

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