Spread limit and cap limit poker betting structure

The spread limit and cap limit agen poker online betting structures are less utilized as compared to the other structures for betting in poker though there is a possibility of you coming across them in your journey for betting on online poker. For that reason, it is important that you have an idea what it is all about and how they work.

Spread limit

The spread limit is known to compromise effectively between the no limit and the fixed limit structures with the players’ raises and bets which are limited by the maximum amount. There are some flexibility as they don’t have to raise or bet by a particular fixed amount. Instead players have to stick to stick within a range which is predetermined which is referred to as a spread.

It is possible to see a spread limit game which has stake of something such as 2$ – 6$ as an example. It will mean that, the raises and bets have to always be somewhere between 2$ and 6$. The spread normally remain the same for each of the betting rounds and the lower end of the spread in most cases is the size of the larger blinds.

Cap limit

The cap limit is normally played mostly the same with the no limit with the main difference being the cap on the total cash that each of the player might have to bet in any hand at any given time. The cap does apply over all the rounds of betting for each of the hands. A 2$/4$ game of the cap limit might have a cap of 100$ meaning, in case the player bets 20$ on the pre flop and 40$ on the flop, then they would only require to bet a further 40$ on that hand combined.

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