The US-based Dropshipping suppliers; A Guide to find the legit one

Dropshipping has been quite famous amongst small-scale businesses which don’t necessarily want a huge initial investment and want to start at least something.

For those who have just thought of starting a dropshipping business, here’s a small guide that might be helpful.

What is Dropshipping, and is it good?

Dropshipping is when the customer places the order with the seller. The third-party from whom the seller purchased the goods directly ship the product to the customer without revealing that any third party was involved.

 It is considered a good business to start because it doesn’t require too much capital investment, the seller doesn’t have to worry about handling products or shipping difficulties. It’s mostly a sit and works business which can be operated from anywhere and at any time.

How to know if the dropshipping Service is legit?

With the increase in dropshipping business, some fraudulent suppliers have been coming up as well, and it becomes threatening to deal with them. There are various us based dropshipping suppliers  , and it’s important to know which one is reliable and which isn’t.

  • If the dropshipping service charges any fees for creating an account or asks for membership fees, it’s a red flag.
  • If the company or services doesn’t offer a real contact address or doesn’t offer at all, likely, it’s not legit.
  • Something that seems too good to be true. Anything that the Service offers, if that seems all rainbows and unicorns, it’s likely fake and not legit.
  • Look for reviews. Google the company you’ve been looking into working with and see what comes up. If there are enough responses that seem true enough to believe, the service may be safe and legitimate. Reviews say a lot about online services.

With the high increase in demand for dropshipping due to the benefits it has to offer, the scale of fraud has also increased. One should be mindful and careful before putting money anywhere.

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