Tips for Live Event Management

If you are tasked with organising a live event for your company, there is a lot to consider, and if this is the first time you have tackled such a thing, it might be cause for some concern. Here are a few tips from professional event planners that should help to ensure that the event is a success.

  • Set Clear Objectives – You first need to define the overall objectives for holding the event, which might be to introduce a new product line, or to thank your existing customers for their loyalty over the past 12 months. Once you have defined your event goals, planning is that much easier.
  • Negotiate with Vendors – Vendors that attend live events are a little flexible regarding prices and you can certainly use this to your advantage, which might add up to quite a saving. If competition is high, some vendors will undercut their price, in order to get the contract, and this can result in big savings.
  • Creating the Right Event Ambience – If you contact a company like Massive Productions, you can browse the many vinyl signs that they can make, which would add to the ambience on the day. It might be a welcome sign, or your company logo and slogan, which can be printed on a wide range of media, plus these can be reused when you hold future live events.
  • Have a Rehearsal Dry Run – This enables you to check your timings, plus it gives all participants a chance to practice, and we all know that practice makes perfect. With a dry run, unforeseen issues will suddenly reveal themselves and that gives you the chance to make some much-needed changes.
  • Cover for Every Eventuality – If it is an outdoor event, then you will need a wet weather plan B, plus you should have one laptop that is designated as a backup unit for the presentations, plus you should have all the presentations on a memory stick, just in case. What would happen of you ran out of parking space, or there was an unexpected power outage? You should have a response ready for every eventuality.
  • Checking the Audio-Visual Equipment – Machines have a habit of letting us down when we most need them and it would be wise to have at least one sound and video check about one hour before the start of the show, as this allows you the time to fix any issues.

It can be a nerve-wrecking time when your very first live event begins, but if you have planned and prepared, there’s every reason to expect the show to be a great success.

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