Tips to Find Stunning Patterns for Designing Your Packaging

You can use the packaging boxes of your business as a symbol of marketing and promoting your brand. It can be effectively used to spread beliefs, preferences and values to your brand. You can reinforce the image of your brand by using specific elements to enhance the design of your product.

Some of the tips to follow to design a pattern for packaging your brand are –

Define the visual style of the brand

Before crafting the packaging of your boxes, you must be fully aware of your brand and its specifications and then design the box accordingly. You can offer complementary products with your products to brand the logo. You must analyse the preferences used by the company in accordance to the colors used by them, the visual style preferred by them and then make the choice accordingly.

Selection of patterns to match the style

Once you are clear with the visual brand style of your company, you must gather information about the designs and select the patterns for the packaging. You can choose these patterns or design them on your own depending upon your choice. You can start with searching amongst the numerous designs that you have and select one that fits the best. Some of the patterns to be utilized in custom shipping packaging are:

  • Sublime surfaces
  • Elegant illustrations and patterns
  • Terrazzo seamless patterns
  • Floral and owls’ patterns
  • Geometric patterns

Customize textures, colours, and texts accordingly

Once you are done with designing the texture of the box, the next step is to enhance the box by using certain colors and textures to make the box look more effective. You must make it unique and enable it to mark its own identity in the market. Some ways to customize the box are:

  • Choose the brand colors for your brand.
  • Add texts to the brand’s choice
  • Ensure that the pattern that you choose is a unique one
  • Make use of graphics to make it look more effective
  • Include your original logo in the design
  • Addition of individual designs in the logo


Hence, you can easily design your packaging box and customize it according to your needs. You just need to follow these steps and you can easily get that perfect box for promoting your brand in the market and attracting more customers to the cause which will eventually help in boosting the sales.

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